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Three, he believes in social justice and human rights, which is where all the judicial laws stem from. I don't pray to idols, I believe in one god, and I believe everybody should have equal rights. The recording of 's Ritual de lo Habitual was a miserable time. Farrell and Avery couldn't stand to be in the same room, Navarro was hitting the needle hard, and Perkins just had to make the best of a bad situation. A female friend of Farrell's from the east coast, year-old trust-fund bohemian Xiola Blue, visited him and Niccoli for a long weekend of three-way sex and heroin.

The event is commemorated by the sprawling masterpiece 'Three Days', the only song on the record where the entire band was in the studio simultaneously. Soon after returning home, Xiola Blue was found dead of an overdose in her apartment. The cover art for Ritual The record company vehemently protested, leading to a second version being made available in plain white with the First Amendment - the right to free speech - printed on the sleeve.

MTV started playing 'Been Caught Stealing' and the album reached number 19 in the American charts, going on to reach sales of more than 2m. The future would have been bright if the present wasn't so totally unbearable. At a time when rock was dominated by the overblown histrionics of Guns N' Roses in their 'November Rain' period, Jane's Addiction were, despite themselves, the first genuinely alternative band of the era to find any sort of mainstream success.

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Mixing punk, funk, metal, folk, jazz and art with utter decadence, they forced record companies to understand that rock bands wanted more than quick cash, ready access to drugs and meaningless sex. Of course, those things were nice, but more important were total control of their music, art and identity. In their wake, Nirvana and other Seattle hopefuls had it a lot easier. To support Ritual de lo Habitual, it was agreed that Jane's Addiction would do one final tour, then split up. Farrell assembled Lollapalooza, the travelling music festival with a diverse line-up comprising, among others, industrial rockers Nine Inch Nails and gangsta rapper Ice-T.

The opening show of 25 took place on 18 July in Phoenix, Arizona. Things got off to a difficult start when, in front of 60, people, the set was cut short because Navarro and Farrell started fighting on stage. Navarro: 'The bottom line is what it seems that you're getting at is, yeah, we didn't get along very well and now we do, in a nutshell. Navarro: 'We were on drugs! It was all fucked up! You know what? That was the opening day of Lollapalooza '91 and it was a complete catastrophe. The opening day of Lollapalooza has already happened and we got through that without a hitch. This, the eighth Lollapalooza after a five-year hiatus, is a different proposition from the original outing, proposed as a unique chance for freaks to mingle, get information on environmental hot topics, listen to music and just have a good time.

Farrell's motives for staging the event are not purely altruistic, however. Since its inception, the festival has spawned many imitators - Ozzy Osbourne's transient-metal package Ozzfest was started when Lollapalooza's organisers declined the singer's offer to appear on the bill. Now such tours are commonplace and the sense of occasion inevitably diminished. Thirty miles out of town on a July evening, the audience at Chicago's Tweeter Center is generic rather than eclectic. Just before 10pm Jane's Addiction take the stage for a dynamite hour of old favourites with only a few new songs thrown in, Farrell in a leather catsuit, Navarro soon discarding a fur-lined coat to play stripped to the waist.

The venue can take 30,, but the crowd on the hill noticeably thins out from halfway back. Meanwhile, Navarro and Avery collaborated on a short-lived alt-rock experiment called Deconstruction before the bass-player formed his own group, Polar Bear. Shortly afterwards, Axl Rose called Navarro in the middle of the night, saying, 'Dude, I had a dream that you and me were rocking on stage together,' and offering him a position in Guns N' Roses. Navarro declined because he didn't want to look like a sell-out, instead replacing smack casualty John Frusciante as guitarist with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

He played on one album, 's One Hot Minute, before tensions within the band resulted in his departure. A planned project entitled Spread, with Chili Peppers' drummer Chad Smith, failed to see the light of day as Navarro's drug use escalated.

Jane's Addiction

You know how junkies get, they're like, "You're abandoning me! As founder member Eric Avery has always turned down offers to rejoin Jane's Addiction, Chris Chaney - formerly bassist in Alanis Morissette's band - has joined the group.

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But Avery's position continues to annoy Farrell. The arrangement has now been moderated to everyone's satisfaction, though Farrell insists that the old ratio for allocating funds was justified. Relations only deteriorated further when Avery drunkenly made a move on Farrell's girlfriend. It's just something that a fella doesn't do to another fella, much less someone who's supposed to be a team-mate.

Perkins: 'It's like when you get back together with a girl you broke up with for a while. You guys back together? Yeah, we're back together. Navarro: 'You know what, though, if you want to come at it with that negative slant Navarro: 'But I mean, you're second-guessing what he's saying and the bottom line is we're here today and we're happy today. It's like, "What if? I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, but I'm in it for as long as I can be.

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If you roll the tape back you'll see that we did answer that question and then you said that's not always good. Perkins: 'It's better than it ever was. I think it'll actually last longer than it did in the first place, which was a damn long time - six years. Farrell: 'I did it to spite everything because it was punk rock. In those days, taking the usual steps to success, we had disdain for those kinds of things. Now there's not much use in struggling against it because there's no place to go, there's not a real underground any more, so you might as well succeed on the overground.

Farrell: 'If I'd have waited much longer it wouldn't have been pretty, but I consider myself a late bloomer, so I've always thought there's time. Now is the time.

Bill Burr - Jane's Addiction V.S. Nirvana

I mention to Navarro that I read a draft copy and found it interesting, if rather dark. Navarro: 'Yeah, it is interesting I just don't think that Honestly, my plate's really full right now.

Navarro: 'That's exactly the word, thank you. There's no reason to exploit it at this time. I couldn't even find your website. Navarro: 'Um, I don't know. Farrell: 'Anything outside that is up to my interpretation. What happened in Phoenix? What was going through your mind?

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Navarro tetchily : 'I don't remember. Why don't you go and read up on it? There wasn't much detail. Navarro tetchier : 'Yeah, OK.

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Perkins: 'I think that back then I love Dave. He's a good guy. Back together for good? Navarro laughing : 'Well, that's definitely not always good. Six years. Topics Life and style The Observer. Book Description Da Capo Press, Condition: New. Never used!. Seller Inventory P More information about this seller Contact this seller. Seller Inventory M Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Seller Inventory n. Brendan Mullen. Publisher: Da Capo Press , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available.

View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Jane's Addiction's breakthrough album, Nothing's Shocking , had a seismic impact on the music scene of the late 80s. Review : "A fascinating read for any fan Buy New Learn more about this copy. Other Popular Editions of the Same Title. Search for all books with this author and title.

Whores: An Oral Biography Of Perry Farrell And Jane's Addiction

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