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The morning tour sees a visit to several 'Danger Man' locations including John Drake's home and London office , and the afternoon tour visits over 20 London locations seen in the opening sequence of 'The Prisoner' as well as episodes 'Many Happy Returns', 'Do Not Forsake Me', and 'Fall Out', including Number Six's house, the underground car parks, and the resignation tunnel. The tours are FREE to attend oyster card or bus fare required for the morning tour , and all are welcome. TUW is sad to bring more upsetting news to readers, with the announcement from his publisher that Moris Farhi, the writer who penned the unmade 'The Prisoner' story 'The Outsider', passed away at the age of 84 on March 5th Originally from Turkey, Farhi moved to Europe and made a living from acting including uncredited roles in two James Bond films , before becoming a writer.

It was in that he was approached by 'Prisoner' script editor George Markstein, and commissioned to write an episode for the series. When interviewed by Steven Ricks for 'The Prisoner Investigated' documentary in the early s, Farhi revealed that McGoohan had rejected the script because of a birdwatching scene, and a torture scene, because 'heroes don't sweat' and 'heroes don't birdwatch'.

He later became a successful novelist, and was a tireless campaigner for several good causes. The Unmutual Website would like to extend its sincere sympaties to Mr Farhi's family and friends. With thanks to Alan Hayes for this news item. Fans of the unique talent and man that was Peter Wyngarde, who fans of 'The Prisoner' will recognise as Number Two in the episode 'Checkmate' but is probably best remembered for his role as Jason King on TV, will be delighted to know that 'A Life Amongst Strangers', a biography of his life by Tina Wyngarde-Hopkins, is soon to hit the shelves.

The book, which has been meticulously researched by the author, who knew Wyngarde for several decades and was present almost daily through the last few years of his life, covers his career in detail through the first half of the book, and covers the time shared between the author and subject, in memoir form, during the second half of the book. Details on how to order the book will be announced here shortly. Fans of 'Danger Man', the series which pre-ceded 'The Prisoner' and starring Patrick McGoohan as John Drake, the secret agent with no guns and no girls, will be pleased to hear that Network are repackaging the three series the half hour episodes, the hour episodes, and the two-part colour season into one handy DVD box set!

Due for release in April , Network are able to take pre-orders now for the set, which marks the first time ever that all episodes have been included in one set. Special features include pdf documents, extensive image galleries, and the 'Koroshi' movie with extra scene. Click HERE to pre-order! With thanks to Geoff Lake for this news item.

TUW is sad to announce that actress Sheena Marshe, who played the part of Doris, the barmaid at Number Six's local pub in the episode 'The Girl Who Was Death' has passed away, at the Kent care home where she had lived for several years. Although she always shunned invitations to chat about her career, she has a long list of credits to her name in a career which started in the s, Sheena was equally at home in comedy series, appearing alongside the likes of Sid James, Dick Emery, and Benny Hill, as she was drama, with appearances in series such as 'No Hiding Place' and 'Armchair Theatre' She also appeared in the William Hartnell 'Doctor Who' story 'The Gunfighters', as Kate.

But for 'Prisoner' fans, it will be as Doris, in one of the entire series' most memorable scenes, that she will be most fondly remembered. The Unmutual Website would like to extend its sincerest sympathies to all who knew her. With thanks to Al Samujh for this news item. In recent years, as readers of TUW will know, there has been an increase in the number of podcasts available in which 'The Prisoner' series is discussed.

The latter comes from the folk behind the recent US conventions in Seattle, and the latest two episodes are now online. Special guest for both is writer and 'Prisoner' fan David Stimpson left.

10 Hammer into Anvil - Patrick McGoohan's The Prisoner

Filmed throughout , the show will include coverage of a number of different events, including Festival Number Six. The show, produced by company Slam Media, who were responsible for a well-received series about the Menai Straits, the series will air from 15th April on ITV Wales, with national ITV screening the series later in the year. Or is it?

These were then compiled into a single tome entitiled 'Shattered Visage' and, as per previous announcements, Titan have confirmed that they are publishing a new edition in March Writes Titan, who also produced their own original four part 'Prisoner' comic in see news items below, and reviews HERE , "Set twenty years after the final episode of the television series, Shattered Visage follows former secret agent Alice Drake as she is shipwrecked on the shores of the Village and encounters an aged Number Six, who is still locked into a decades-old conflict with his old nemesis Number Two for the future of the deserted spy village.

Click HERE to see a couple of interior artwork pages, and HERE to read a review of the original publication from a review of this re-published version will appear soon. With thanks to Titan Comics for this news item. A community of fans of 'The Prisoner' is growing in the area, and across the whole of North America, but it's important that this community grows and flourishes, so that further wonderful events akin to 'Prisoner Con ' and 'The Eternal Village ' can be put together for the benefit of fans.

If so, the organisers of the Seattle events would love to hear your thoughts on what would make you attend the events, and if you wish to help organise such things. Followers of The Unmutual Website will have noticed that bicycle racks with a penny farthing theme seem to be popular in the UK, and it seems that Glasgow is no exception.

The Secret Scotland website has been running something of an investigation into how they came to be at Glasgow Green, after something of a mystery came to light. With thanks to Apollo on SeSco for the news item. Born in County Leitrim, Ireland, and raised in Sheffield, where she gained a history degree in , she met her husband-to-be in the city, with whom she later moved to Baltimore in the s. She was a highly-regarded special education teacher and after retiring a volunteer with the Kent Hospice Foundation, Maryland, and was a member of its Ethics Committee.

The Unmutual Website would like to extend its sincerest sympathies to the Jones and McGoohan families at this sad time. Contributions may be made in the memory of Catherine M. With thanks to Ed Sawyer for this news item and photo. In , one David Hegarty entered a numerical Prisoner-related competition in the fanzine 'The Tally Ho' to win an original Villager cape, as worn during 'Prisoner' filming, after Pamela Barnes had secured the cape to use as a prize.

Now, over 50 years later, the cape left is back at Portmeirion, now on a permanent basis, after Dave decided he would like to donate the item to Portmeirion to display. From November onwards the cape can now be seen in the Hercules Hall by the spiral staircase, at the end of the terrace restaurant below , thanks to Dave's generosity. With thanks to David Hegarty for the photos. Readers in France will be excited to learn that no less than three Prisoner-related publications, all in the French language, have been published in late More details on all three publications can be found HERE.

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A full list of every book ever published about the series can be found HERE. The Unmutual Website has teamed up once again with Quoit Media Limited to bring readers some very special Christmas offers on Prisoner-related merchandise! No less than three special 'bundle deals' of books and DVDs have been announced. The latest volume of the trilogy of books compiled by Ed Fordham is now available to buy. The third volume is currently being compiled and is due out in If you have any articles, photos, or artwork to submit to the volume, contact TUW and your contact will be passed to Mr Fordham.

In the late s and early s the much-loved 'Transformers' comic included a regular strip called 'Combat Colin', drawn by professional comic artist Lew Stringer still full time in the industry 30 years on in publications such as The Beano, Dandy, and Doctor Who Magazine , who of course later devised and founded The Unmutual Website. In recent times, Lew via his excellent comic blog 'Blimey!

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The recent October weekend of events related to The Prisoner was a huge success, with Leslie Glen's Mind Mash, and David Lally's location tours, well attended and enjoyed. The Sunday 'Danger Man' and 'The Prisoner' tours, which take place twice each year, are always fun and interesting events as well as being free , and this year was no exception.

A full report of the weekend's events can be found HERE. Over many months see news item, below Becks and Eeson of 'Time For Cakes And Ale' have been keeping 'Prisoner' fans, newbies and long-standing fans alike, enthralled and entertained with their 'Tally Ho' podcast.

The Prisoner

November has seen the culmination of months of discussion, analysis, and special guest interviews with not one, but two, editions regarding the series finale 'Fall Out'. The first is an extended regular edition of the show, the second sees a number of retruning special guests giving their thoughts on the final episode and what it means to them. Click HERE to download or listen. It is hoped that the Tally Ho podcast will continue on, in one form or another.

Tickets for the event are now sold out. A DVD of the event will be available at a later date. The book runs to pages and is David's own personal examination of the 17 episodes, unearthing some fascinating new details regarding the story behind what we see on screen. The book also includes several previously unpublished photographs, an analysis of the ordering of the episodes, revelations regarding Patrick McGoohan's childhood, and much more. Click HERE to pre-order. The Unmutual Website is sad to say that stuntman Peter Brace, who appeared in several episodes of The Prisoner, passed away on 29th October at the age of Peter was one of the world's most respected stunt performers, having appeared in countless films and TV series, including 'Doctor Who' and the James Bond film franchaise, and may be best recognised by 'Prisoner' fans as one of the heavies in the episode 'Free for All', who appears in the speedboat sequence, and at the end of the episode, and as Zeke in 'Living in Harmony'.

Peter was one of the last surviving stunt workers on the series, and TUW sends its sincerest sympathies to Peter's family and friends. For more details, visit the facebook page for the event HERE. Below is a timetable for the events. With thanks to Patrick Ducher for this news item.

As well as the human guests see below booked for the 'A Celebration of ITC' event, TUW are also delighted to announce that there will be several original ITC vehicles present at the studios for the event. The first of these is HLT C, the recently restored original Mini Moke from The Prisoner, which owner Phil Caunt is delighted is 'coming home to Elstree' after over 50 years since the Moke completed filming at the studios.

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Also exciting is the news that sections of the unusable original vinyl roof of the Moke will be on sale at the event, with a percentage of monies raised donated to the event charity fund, in the form of a beautiful display see below. Tickets, and more details, are still available HERE. Great news for the town of Porthmadog, near Portmeirion, and the local economy, is that it has been announced that Portmeirion have purchased the recently closed Kerfoots department store building in the town. In a move which will create dozens of new jobs, Portmeirion wil re-open the store as a shop plus first floor cafe, whilst in the process also stating that their existing shop and cafe in the town will also stay open.

With thanks to Nicola Jones for this news item. The event was filmed by a professional three-camera film crew, and the DVD of the event is now available to order. The book was the story of one man's Bob's intention to write about his experiences of several film and TV fan conventions, and the result is 'Wiffle Lever to Full'. Good news for fans who may have missed this magnificent book the first time around is that publisher Hodder and Stoughton have re-published the book for , with an all new introduction by Bob.

Regular TUW readers will be aware that recently, a four-part official 'The Prisoner' comic called 'The Uncertainty Machine' see news items below, and reviews HERE was produced by Titan Comics, based on the original series but featuring all new characters. Following these releases, Titan are now launching a collection of all four parts in one volume. To celebrate the collection, Forbidden Planet are holding a special signing session at their London superstore, near to Tottenham Court Road, on 14th November , from 6pm until 7pm.

Writer Peter Milligan, editor David Leach, and cover artist for the exclusive FP special edition Rian Hughes will be on hand to personally sign copies of the collection. With thanks to Tim Hardman for this news item. October sees a couple of magazines on the shelves of your local stockists of interest to 'Prisoner' fans. Firstly issue 13 of the always-enjoyable retro film and TV magazine 'Infinity' left includes an interview with 'It's Your Funeral' actress Annette Andre about her time on various series and films, including 'The Prisoner', and also discusses her new book see below.

Also on sale is issue 3 of 'Absolute Lotus', which includes an article on cars in film and TV below , during which, of course, 'The Prisoner' is mentioned. With thanks to Paul White for the Lotus item and images.

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Over the years, Portmeiron has often played host to car clubs especially Lotus and Mini Moke clubs , and has been no exception, with September seeing several 'events' taking place. An event for Jaguar E-type sports cars. A circumferential coastal route of mainland Britain.