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World Notice: 10,000 Near-Earth Objects and Details About One That Landed in Russia

The workshop report discusses a preliminary roadmap based on five themes: more complete and accurate surveys of the orbits of potentially hazardous objects; improved public education about the risk; characterizing the physical properties of a range of asteroids and comets; more extensive laboratory research; and initial physical experiments toward a realistic plan to intercept and divert a future incoming object.

The workshop was attended by 77 scientists from the United States, Europe and Japan.

More news releases and status reports or top stories. NASA Should Lead More Focused Program to Reduce Threat from Hazardous Asteroids Press Release From: National Optical Astronomy Observatory Posted: Tuesday, February 4, NASA should be assigned to lead a new research program to better determine the population and physical diversity of near-Earth objects that may collide with our planet, down to a size of meters, according to the final report of a workshop on the scientific requirements for the mitigation of hazardous comets and asteroids.

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MITIGATION OF HAZARDOUS COMETS AND ASTEROIDS It is known that large asteroids and ...

Stokes GH Study to determine the feasibility of extending the search for Near Earth Objects to smaller limiting diameters. Icarus — See also www. Saratoga USA. Personalised recommendations.

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