Manual Childhood, Youth And Social Change: A Comparative Perspective

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Today's youth: anxious, depressed, anti-social. The Guardian , 13 September , pp. Bynner, John British youth transitions in comparative perspective. Journal of Youth Studies , 4 1 , In the country of the blind? Youth studies and cultural studies in Britain. Journal of Youth Studies , 3 1 , Coleman, John Social capital in the creation of human capital.

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Sociological Studies of Children and Youth | Emerald Insight

New York: Norton. Identity, youth and crisis. ESRC a. ESRC priority network: Pathways into and out of crime—risk, resilience and diversity. ESRC b.

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Unconscious effects of prototypes on young people's health and behaviour. Evans, Karen Taking control of their lives? Agency in young adult transitions in England and the new Germany.

Childhood, Youth And Social Change

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More trouble with Harry: A rejoinder in the "life politics" debate. British Journal of Social Work , 34 4 , Giddens, Anthony Modernity and self identity: Self and society in the late modern age.

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Oxford: Polity. Runaway world. London: Profile Books. Goldson, Barry Hardening ideology, organizational change and new challenges for social work with children in trouble. Child and Family Social Work , 5 3 , New Labour, social justice and children: Political calculation and the deserving—undeserving schism. British Journal of Social Work , 32 6 , Contextualizing risk and danger: An analysis of young people's perceptions of risk. Journal of Youth Studies , 3 2 , Individuality and connectedness in adolescent development: Review and prospects for research on identity, relationships and context.

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Heaven, Patrick Adolescent health. Is there life beyond "flow"? Home Office Youth justice: The next steps. London: Home Office. Houston, Stan Garrett contra Ferguson: A meta-theoretical appraisal of the "rumble in the jungle". British Journal of Social Work , 34 2 , The limitations of rational decision-making models as applied to young people's sexual behaviour. London: Falmer Press.

A Comparative Perspective, 1st Edition

Biosocial correlates of risk taking behaviours during adolescence. Can the physician intervene? Journal of Adolescent Health , 7 6 , SS Ixer, Graham No such thing as reflection. British Journal of Social Work , 29 4 , Jack, M. Personal fable: A potential explanation for risk-taking behaviour in adolescents. Journal of Pediatric Nurse , 4 5 , Jessor, Richard Adolescent development and behavioural health.

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In Joseph Matarazzo, J. Weiss, J. Herd, N. Weiss Eds. New York: John Wiley and Sons. Jones, Gill Leaving Home. Beyond individualisation: what sort of social change? London: Falmer. Jordan, Bill Emancipatory social work? Opportunity or oxymoron.