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It is expected that a Quiverfull daughter will be fully capable of running the household, including all meal-preparation, laundry duties, child care and homeschooling of younger siblings by the age of twelve. A Quiverfull daughter is taught from a young age that her purpose in life is to serve the man whom God has placed in authority over her.

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She serves her father while she lives at home she does this primarily by assisting her mother in domestic duties and child care. See also, Deut.

The truth be told, our reasoning generally parallels that of the abortion culture — additional children will cause inconvenience, financial hardships, lifestyle constraints — all this coupled with the desire to separate sex from procreation. How can the Church expect to speak with any moral authority on the evils of abortion when we ourselves are guilty of the very anti-life values fueled by the family planning mentality?

I was exposed to the most extreme aspects of Dominionism.

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If not, why? I also thought it ironic that, according to the ideals she espouses, women should not hold authority over men, or even be allowed to vote for that matter. I left the Quiverfull movement before Michelle Bachman came into much prominence on the political scene, but … ditto for her. And to make matters worse, we are living in The End Times—the AntiChrist is poised to be revealed and Armageddon is right around the corner.

Between the culture wars and the Left Behind madness, this world is a very scary place for Christians, which leads more and more Christians to homeschool in order to protect their children from the influence of secular society. The Christian homeschool community is fertile ground pun intended for the promotion of Quiverfull ideals.

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What is being sold is protection: guaranteed methods for Christian parents to insulate and isolate their children from the big, scary, godless world. The entanglement of Quiverfull leaders with right wing politics is huge. Vyckie Garrison: My life as a devoted fundamentalist Believer had become a living hell of physical, mental and spiritual abuse.

For all our efforts to know God, to love Him, discern His will and live out His precepts for a Godly home according to the Holy Bible, our family was going crazy. We hated ourselves and we hated each other and we all wanted to die.


The Quiverfull movement offers a one-size-fits-all model for family relations, but in truth, that never works. In the end, it is unrealistic and unsustainable. But we can search our whole profile at once using the Heaven. The more times you breed them together, the more chances that one of their kittens will be lit.

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